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A Full Production Event

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Fully Designed and Decorated Events

Bring your imagination to Vines Mansion. Meet with our master designers and select your linens and décor, including napkins, runners, overlays, charger plates, votive candles and elegant centerpieces. Customize your designs with beautiful candelabras, tall floating candles, gorgeous lanterns, layers of flower arrangements, tall studded candle holders and more. The full design and decoration of all your guests' tables, main tables and ceremony space are included in our in-house experience.


In-house designs are always finalized with an extra touch of accent décor. Accent décor includes high top tables, memorial tables, dessert tables, appetizer tables, flowers, candles and centerpieces coordinated to match the colors and theme of your imagination.

Our professional designers manage every detail behind the scenes, from the setup to the breakdown to create your magical event. Walk the red carpet to a ballroom designed just for you. 

The Ceremony Spaces

You have five spectacular ceremony spaces to choose from... interior and exterior spaces for every taste. If you choose an exterior space and for some reason inclement weather requires it, we can move the ceremony to our interior space at the last minute.

The Front Lawn


The Chapel

The Arbor Patio

Spring time at Vines Mansion (3).jpg

The Estate Park

The Gardens at Vines Mansion (1).jpg

Pagoda By The Lake


The Reception Fun

Our picturesque wedding venue stages your event from ceremony to reception. The ballroom is designed with extravagant chandeliers, elegant furnishings and décor, decorated sweetheart table, cake display, formally dressed tables and stylish chairs for all your guests of honor. 

Because we believe your wedding venue should be nothing less than perfect, we crowned the ceiling with a canopy of sheers and gorgeous chandeliers. Extravagant decorations have been placed at a romantic wedding arch, and the aisle is accentuated by elegant chairs, gorgeous floral arrangements and the perfect accent of tinted up lighting. Walk the aisle at Vines Mansion and experience a wedding venue from fantasy.

Impressive up-lighting highlight the designs. Accent the wedding with color coordinated lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for your themed celebration. 

In House designs are always finalized with an extra touch of accent décor. Accent décor includes high top tables, memorial tables, dessert tables, appetizer tables, flowers, candles and centerpieces coordinated to match the colors and theme of your imagination.

Bridal Suite

Be comfortable while you get ready for the grand event. You have an expansive suite (the size of an apartment) with full bathroom, dressing areas, vanity, full length mirrors, and living room. Just your style.  

The groom has his own cave. Ample room to settle his nerves with his groom party.

Groom Suite

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Your photographer is going to love us. Vines Mansion has hundreds of picturesque locations to preserve your memories.

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Vendor Policy

How about having it your way

We don't stiff you with a required vendor. Instead, take advantage of our open vendor policy. Vines Mansion facilitates the connection between clients and an extraordinary wedding team. Meet with dress designers, tailors, wedding cake designers, officiants, caterers, photographers, videographers, DJs, live musicians, hair and makeup artists and more. While many venues have strict rules against permitting outside vendors, Vines Mansion has an open vendor policy. The collaboration between wedding vendors and the all-inclusive in-house team makes a fairy tale possible.


Cocktail Hour

Experience a classy cocktail hour, where our formal banquet staff butlers pass hors d'oeuvres and manage your beverages. Our seasoned bartenders manage the bar, and mix and serve delectable cocktails to your honorable guests. Bartender services provide the freedom and flexibility to stock your bar with your chosen beverages. Bring your menu and supply your inventory, and our bartenders will apply a little creativity. Bar services keep beverages chilled and provide consumption control, keeping inventory and your guests safe. The flexibility to supply your own beverages without incurring per person charges increases the possibilities.

Day Of Event Coordinator

Professional services add the touch of luxury to your moment. The coordinator orchestrates the safe and satisfying experience you were meant to have. Our objective: No empty time and everything in the timeline gets done smoothly.

Banquet Manager

The Banquet Manager - manages the banquet staff as they pass hors d'oeuvres, pour champagne, administer tables, and serve in fine china. Your guests sense the constant attention that makes them feel royal, waiting  for nothing. While working alongside your in-house Day of Event Coordinator, the banquet manager adheres to a timeline and insures the complete success of your reception.

Banquet staff

The Banquet Staff also work behind the scene to clear areas so that your venue is maintained impeccable. They serve your cocktail hour and reception area, manage coffee and beverage stations, and cut and serve your cake. Every aspect of your reception is managed from setup to breakdown.

Bartender Service

The bartenders are expert mixers preparing your alcoholic  beverages professionally. Your guests sense they are as important, just as you  mean them to feel. Whether you decide to create a specific menu or let our bartenders apply creativity, we will provide consumption control and keep inventory chilled. Bar services deliver a sophisticated bar experience to your formal event without incurring per-person charges.


The Grand Entry

You have a number of moments when you present yourself to your spouse and guests, from the grand entry to your ceremony to the grand entry to your reception. Vines has spectacular entry ways that will accentuate the awe of those moments.

All Included ...

The Grand Exit

So much fun. You are headed to your honeymoon, but wait .... before you go, your guests celebrate you and your spouse with a final flare. 

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